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Being a stall holder at a market takes more than bringing your product.  It also requires you to be head of sales, head of marketing and customer service. This can be daunting for some.

Jodie Hannam from the Artisan Market says “I speak to many people who are keen to try out markets with their lovingly created products but are too nervous. Many successful stallholders remember vividly their initial fears, worried about “who will want to pay for what I have to offer” or “what if no one likes my products”, “what if I sell nothing”?

Yet, for some who have faced that fear, the reward has been great.

Hayley Burnett from Kōrero Cards is a classic example. She’d always been the shy and reserved type so the thought of being physically present at a market was terrifying.  But this year she thought “if I don’t do it now, then when will I” and booked in casually at the Artisan Market. She hasn’t looked back. “It’s been such a great experience. I’ve met lots people, networked, learnt about the dynamics of markets, new friendships have blossomed and during all that I’m getting my product name out there. I’ve always believed that if there is something you want to achieve that scares you, then you should go for it. It doesn’t matter how big or small the step is towards your goal; the point is that you are progressing” (

Asking around the stallholders at the last Artisan Market, some had key words of advice for others wanting to try it out;

  • Just try it – what have you got to lose? Just book in casually to start and see how you go.
  • If you are passionate about your products, you should be able to sell them with pride
  • For everything you make there is someone who will buy it.
  • Trademe is good but doesn’t give you the ability to get in front of your customer. Markets give you the exposure to a lot more people –potentially 1000s of people for just the minimal investment in a stall
  • Try to avoid judging by just “how many sales did I make in the day?”. Enquiries and sales often come AFTER the market and it helps me to remember I am building my profile & sales.

The most consistent comment was about the “Market Family” – stallholders supporting eachother, the camaraderie and getting to know so many like-minded people. The stallholders named how much support this provided and how much fun it can be.

If you have something you design or create, if you have something you collect or source from exotic far off lands, and have thought about doing markets the key bit of advice seems to be, “Just do it”! Until you try it you just don’t know. Every successful stallholder now runs a successful business, every one of them had their doubts in the beginning and inevitably went off to their first market terrified about the results on the day

For more information about the weekly Artisan’s Fair Markets contact T  021 923 077